Our Experience

We are a community of citizens looking for more resilience and solidarity in order to face the issue of climate change and systemic crisis. We would like to foster a deep reflection regarding housing, food, resource use and skills sharing.

Steering Group Experience

Kira Hemmer, nurse

« Äerdschëff is an innovating ecological creation full of life that is slowly taking shape thanks to the work and cooperation of all. This invites us to develop new visions, new culture, a change in perspectives regarding housing, education, economy, feeding and living together. Nature and its elements are the main inspiration. As best as we can and without losing ourselves in a unrealizable ideal, Äerdschëff has to work towards the good of everyone. »

Johanna Jacob, independent urban-architect-designer

« It is an incredible opportunity for an urban-architect-designer to be able to work on such a project. Diversity, experimentation, technical and design associations… It is a beautiful challenge and I am proud to participate in its realization. Furthermore the team is very nice. »


Magali Jacob, editor at the technical service for the municipality of Reckange-sur-Mess

« The Äerdschëff project represents for me an ecological way of life for the future. My desire to live a life more healthy and full of common sense inspires me to put my skills in the service of positive initiatives that are socially constructive instead of continuing on the path of insatiable consumerism. I think that this sentence of Gandhi summarises exactly how I feel : “Be the change you want to see in the world”. »

Marcel Barros, technical advisor in construction materials

« In a period where raw materials are becoming depleted, and in which the biggest part of energy consumed is from fossil fuel, the project Äerdschëff is for me an ideal opportunity to raise awareness. Human beings are afraid of change. But change is unavoidable in order to prevent runaway climate change and its harmful consequences for Earth. »