The Team

Rodrigo Vergara

Rodrigo coordinates the technical aspects of the project. He also takes care of the administration and IT sides of the Äerdschëff project. He is working on the aquaponics system for the building where plants and fishes are mutually growing in a closed cycle.

Annick Meiers

Annick helps with planning and organizing the participatory construction of the Äerdschëff. She is a supervisor of the volunteers helping with the project. She is also taking care of external communication, strategic development and administrative tasks of the Äerdschëff project.

Ledina Mahmutaj

Ledina is an architect/ urban planner. Her life as always been a fight between her professional career and her activism in environmental issues, until she decided that they should go together. This is how she bumped into Äerdschëff and joined the Team as an European Volunteer (August 2019 – August 2020). Her strong passion is Environment and Nature, and she always enjoy investing time to support green, community actions and eco-construction.

Saul Lans


Rob Hirsch

Rob has been a teacher (Math, Science, English) and traveler during his entire adult life. He taught for several years each in Botswana, Papua New Guinea, Switzerland and New Zealand. He has done a whole lot of backpacking, bicycle touring and scuba diving and discovered Earthships in 2004 on a cycle tour across America. He rediscovered them in 2012 and did an internship and the Academy that year. In 2013, he joined the crew and taught the Earthship Academy for over 2 years. Since then, he has led Earthship related projects in New Mexico, Nebraska and Argentina. He currently lives with his wife and 1 year old son in the Czech Republic and is in the middle of building their own Earthship there.

Deborah Binder
Originally from the Canary Islands, Spain, Deborah has lived and worked in six different continents and speaks three languages fluently. She has extensive experience in Project Management, Production and Fundraising for non-profits, events, film and television. For the past five and a half years, she has mainly applied this experience to her true passion: self-sustainable living and construction technologies and sharing her knowledge with others with the goal to create a better planet to live on. She has worked on construction projects of Earthships and related buildings in Uruguay, Argentina, Indonesia, Philippines, Malawi, Colombia, Canada, Fiji, France, Germany, Spain and the US.

Former members:

Katy Fox

Katy initiated and founded CELL – Centre for Ecological Learning Luxembourg – the Transition hub in Luxembourg. She coordinated the design of the project as well as the facilitation between the various partners. She was the contact person for the finance and business partners. She was also organising the logistic and the communication strategies. Katy worked for the project from its begining to March 2018.

Agata Zapart

Agata is a European volunteer (May 2017 – April 2018). Before starting her EVS she graduated in architecture and is now in charge of the communication and assists the development of the design of the Äerdschëff project. She is involved in organising reclaimed materials as well as the preparation of the Äerdschëff’s construction phase. During her voluntary service she coordinated the Tiny Office Project – a temporary office made out of a shipping container with reclaimed materials and a limited budget of 5.000€ which will be used during the construction period.

Gaia Burratti

Gaia was part of the Äerdschëff team as civic volunteer (SVCi) from April 2017-March 2018. After 5 years in the financial sector she realised that this type of work was not for her, quit and decided to learn more about permaculture and eco-construction.
Her other passion is travelling on her beloved bike!

Léo Groult

Léo was an european volunteer (May 2016-April 2017). He has a social economy and entrepreneurship background. He was in charge of the communication and the international partnerships on the Äerdschëff project. He was involved in the website develo pment and in the design and organization of the participatory construction site.

Léa Maguin 

Léa was a European Volunteer for CELL between 2015 and 2016. She is an architect (now turned market gardener) and, along with Katy, she worked on how to create an earthship in Luxembourg. She developed the initial plans that allowed the project to get funded by Oeuvre to enable the team to come together. She also organised a chantier participatif around a strawbale wood building

Sophia Hafner

Intrigued by challenging preconceived ideas about living and meeting out daily basic needs, Sophia joined the Äerdschëff Team as a European Volunteer (May 2018 – June 2019). She enjoys helping in the administration and communication but equally can’t wait to get her hands dirty on the construction site. While waiting for the first tomato to be picked in the Äerdschëff, she loves riding her bike around the Luxembourgish countryside exploring and foraging for wildly growing delicacies. 

Mattias Schweitzer

Mattias is a European volunteer (August 2018 – August 2019) from Italy. He has a background in agro-environmental sciences. He is passionate about ecovillages and eco-constructions as alternative lifestyle solutions. Interested in European projects and improving international sustainability networks.