To Mattias and Sophia

Dear Mattias and Sophia,

It has been already seven months since we posted our announcement for recruiting two long-term volunteers for the Äerdschëff project. While posting the article a lot of different emotions rushed through our bodies. They were feelings of sadness and happiness, of fulfillment and excitement.

The announcement was telling us that time was flying. Soon we had to tell goodbye to Mattias and Sophia.

A lot has been done during this time, but we want to dedicate this article to our beloved European volunteers for the time August 2018-2019 and to our newcomers Saul and Ledina.

We remember how happy they were when they joined us and we felt so lucky to welcome them in the team.

From the beginning, they expressed their strong desire to learn new things related to the project; reflecting patience in the learning process in every stage of this journey among/with us. Having them on the team made a huge difference. Mattias and Sophia were so great to work with. They were so flexible and always being willing to lend a hand. Their positive energy, the innovative ideas they initiated and their understanding of the world, are some of the key elements in our relationship. On top of that, they were really good at cheering up everybody and bringing moments of laughter and joy.  They always found a way to get things done, and done them well. Even when the going gets tough, they continued to have the best attitude and came up with fantastic ideas. We really enjoyed working with them.

“Working with you has been such a pleasure from day 1 till the very last moment. Through this article we want to thank you for the amazing work you have done.

Keep up the great work!

You’re awesome!”

And then history repeated itself; this time, instead of having Mattias and Sophia on the Ä-team, we welcomed Saul and Ledina who arrived during our first ‘chantier participatif’ this summer, August 2019.

 “Welcome in the team and enjoy this journey.”

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