The Team

Rodrigo Vergara

Rodrigo coordinated the technical aspects of the project from November 2016 to July 2020. He also takes care of the administration and IT sides of the Äerdschëff project. He is working on the aquaponics system for the building where plants and fishes are mutually growing in a closed cycle and coordinates the post-construction phase of Äerdschëff.

Katy Fox

Katy initiated and founded CELL – Centre for Ecological Learning Luxembourg – the Transition hub in Luxembourg. She coordinated the design of the project as well as the facilitation between the various partners. She was the contact person for the finance and business partners. She was also organising the logistic and the communication strategies. Katy worked for the project from its begining to March 2018 and rejoined the team for the post-construction phase in July 2020.

Benjamin Klein
With his interest in permaculture and ecological design and his background in environmental engineering, Benjamin Klein joined the team in July 2020. He develops the technical aspects of our educational programme and is coordinating the Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership iACT (Action for Community Transition).