Teacher training: Integrating design processes into daily school life

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What if we could redesign everything to address the major sustainability challenges of the 21st century? Circular design is about designing products and services that do not have a life cycle with a beginning (production – take), a middle (consumption – use) and an end (waste – dispose), but whose entire life cycle is seen in a circle.

The participants:
– know the concept of circular economy and circular design
– have notions of design and development
– understand the links between the Äerdschëff and circular design
– get ideas for implementing circular economy principles in their daily school life.

The participants::
– will be able to work with the process of desing thinking
– will be able to work out a concrete circular design project together

The participants:
– work efficiently and goal-oriented in groups
– actively exchange ideas and adopt different perspectives
– develop understanding and compassion for other ways of thinking and perspectives

We learn about the main features (e.g. from product to service) of circular design and provide participants with an understanding of sustainable design. We guide participants through a collaborative design thinking process through which they develop a product or service and, through several rounds of feedback, a prototype. This process can be implemented one-to-one in the school to elicit students’ self-efficacy and creativity.

Forms of work
Individual work
Partner work
Group work
Reflection in plenary

Dr Katy Fox

Format and dates
2 afternoons at the Äerdschëff (6 hours)
Thu 24.02/Thu 03.03.2022

Enrolments are open!

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