Recruiting Now for a Long-Term EVS Opportunity on the Äerdschëff project in Luxembourg

Recruiting Now for a Long-Term EVS Opportunity on the Äerdschëff project in Luxembourg

Would you like to embark on the journey of a lifetime for a year-long European Volunteer Service (EVS) on an earthship-inspired project in Luxembourg? Are you under 30 and a resident of the EU?

CELL is currently working on the design and implementation of an ecological and participatory building project that is supported by public authorities and a philanthropic foundation. We are planning to build the earthship-inspired building during 2017. Through this project, CELL combines responses to current societal challenges in terms of energy transition and training in natural building. The project that we’re developing is a self-sufficient building, based on the principles of the ‘earthship’, i.e. autonomy in terms of water supply, electricity supply, wastewater treatment and thermoregulation. The project also has a strong food component. The materials are as far as possible natural or reclaimed/recycled.

We would love our next EVS to join our team on this project, ideally from May or October 2017 onwards (application deadline at the end of January 2017) for a year. We are therefore looking for a person interested in natural building, ecology and self-sufficiency. It is very important that the person is self-motivated and capable of working independently, but he/she will be accompanied by a team of technical and general support.

The local community where the project will take place:
The immediate environment is Beckerich, a vibrant village on the border to Belgium, 45 minutes away from Luxembourg-City.
Beckerich is an ecological municipality that is on its way towards energy autonomy. There are many potential points of cooperation with the municipality.

CELL is organised in a network-like way, so that we have action-groups in different parts of Luxembourg, some in rural, some in urban places. The volunteer can participate in various local transition initiatives and support them.
Luxembourg is a multicultural, wealthy country with an enormous ecological footprint, so it is an interesting place for a non-profit such as CELL to operate in promoting sustainability. It is also a very small country where you will find that contacts and people allow you to open doors and push forward great projects.

What we can offer to EVS-volunteers in terms of service and learning opportunities during the following times (May 2017 to April 2018, October 2017 to September 2018, N.B. that we only recruit EVS for a year, you need to be under 30 years of age and a resident of Europe):

– taking an active part in the project Äerdschëff in Beckerich
– participating in transition town initiatives throughout the country
– acquiring permaculture skills and aspiring to food autonomy on two different sites
– involvement in a multicultural team of part-time volunteers who are running CELL
– self-management
– working with action groups and, in some cases, motivating them to go forward
– developing own projects (planning, implementing, evaluating)
– communication skills
– group process skills
– participation in trainings and events organised by CELL
– living in the countryside in a vibrant municipality with lots of ecological initiatives

The role of EVS-volunteers:
EVS volunteers will participate in daily CELL and transition activities, as necessary. They will actively participate in the running of the two permaculture sites and they will be asked to pursue their own heart projects developed jointly with CELL.
Possible activities in which the volunteers will be involved and activities the volunteers could create in our organisation:
-Gardening: planting, weeding, cleaning, mowing, mulching, seeding, composting, pruning, harvesting, tending, etc. in vibrant community environments…
-Household management: cooking and kitchen duties, looking after the participants of courses, tending the CELL rooms
-Organisation: assisting in organising and running CELL events, courses and activities, running meetings and steering group processes
-Participation and representation: representing CELL at network meetings, festivals, demonstrations, gatherings and other public events
-Administration: updating blog, website, email lists, membership correspondance, managing the CELL library and resources…

The profiles of volunteers we would like to host:
– Interested in Permaculture, Transition and / or self-sufficiency.
– Interested in green building. A good level of French is a bonus when getting involved in the ‘earthship’ project.
– Being at least familiar with eco-social organisations and ways of proceeding.
– Being passionate about agroecology and low-impact living.
– A good level of French is a bonus in Luxembourg, especially when dealing with local authorities such as in the ‘earthship’ construction project.
– Own way of transport (ex. car) is a bonus when living in the countryside in Luxembourg since public transport to urban areas is rather slow.

Recruitment process:
We will recruit the volunteers on the basis of their motivation letter and the CVs and an interview before the CELL executive board makes a decision.
We would like to extensively interview all potential candidates before we recruit them, keeping in mind that we are an organisation run by volunteers themselves, and that therefore we cannot realistically contact all candidates.
We would like to ensure the best possible match between CELL and the volunteer, in order for the volunteering time spent with us to be mutually beneficial, inspiring and positive. Please send in your CV as well as a personal motivation letter until 31st December 2016 to We are not ready to host volunteers under 18!

The volunteer will live in a private residence that is also the headquarters of CELL.
The residence will be shared with professional people and the rules of living together will be largely based on common sense, such as mutual respect and consideration, cleaning up after oneself, and vegetarianism based on locally-produced, ecologically-grown foods, whenever possible.

For more information on the EVS, have a look here.

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