What are we building?

The Äerdschëff, the first public earthship-inspired building in the world, is a hub for social diversity and a showcase for a cultural transition to a low-impact world. Through this space open to all, we want to create social relationships within families, villages and the region, it is an educational centre focused on ecology, self-expression and diversity. Café-restaurant, cooperative games, creative weeks, workshops, courses and seminars, concerts, screenings, … This is a place destined to document, educate and research as well as to stimulate curiosity and creativity in order to develop and be able to share one’s own skills and knowledge.

Be a part of it! We are now getting ready for the SECOND WORKSHOP of the construction of the Äerdschëff!


If you have always wanted to learn about self-sufficient buildings and be an active part of it, this is your chance!

Location: Redange, Luxembourg

Dates Phase Two: 30 September – 12 October 2019

Cost: FREE (maximum 20 people)

Activities will include practical work on: tyre pounding, how to pound a tyre and the benefits of them as building material; basic carpentry, how to frame a greenhouse and the benefits of greenhouses for heating and cooling a passive solar house; grey water filtering through plants and basic plumbing; using recycled materials for construction; and much more!

Travel and accommodation: Travel and accommodation are the responsibility of each volunteer but we will organise an accommodation option for those coming from afar (approximately €150 per week). Contact us for details! 


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3 Please read the attached POCKET-GUIDE for more details.

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Thank you for your interest!