What are we building?

The Äerdschëff, the first public earthship-inspired building in the world, is a hub for social diversity and a showcase for a cultural transition to a low-impact world. Through this space open to all, we want to create social relationships within families, villages and the region, it is an educational centre focused on ecology, self-expression and diversity. Café-restaurant, cooperative games, creative weeks, workshops, courses and seminars, concerts, screenings, … This is a place destined to document, educate and research as well as to stimulate curiosity and creativity in order to develop and be able to share one’s own skills and knowledge.

We just completed the SECOND WORKSHOP of the construction of the Äerdschëff! Thank  you to everyone that was a part of it!

Please stay tuned for upcoming volunteering and workshop opportunities or email us for more information:

Thank you for your interest!