Our Vision

Our Äerdschëff is a healthy and comfortable, self-sufficient space and a pioneering centre for the Redange region for human learning and flourishing in an environmentally respectful way.

The Äerdschëff, one of the first public earthship-inspired buildings in the world, will be a hub for social diversity and a showcase for a cultural transition to a low-impact world. We will create a space of sharing that awaken the desire of education in each one of our visitors, regardless of their age, their backgrounds and their place of origin. It is in this spirit that we are putting into practice notions of solidarity, respect, dignity and mobilisation. The mission of Äerdschëff is to create relationships between people and create community.

Through this space open to all, we want to create social relationships within families, villages and the region. Designed for children and adults of all ages and mobilities, the Äerdschëff will be an educational centre focused on ecology, self-expression and diversity. The Äerdschëff will also create many open spaces for each citizen to share knowledge and experience: art exhibitions, cooperative games, creative weeks, workshops, courses and seminars, concerts, screenings, … This is a place destined to document, educate and research as well as to stimulate curiosity and creativity in order to develop and be able to share one’s own skills and knowledge. In and around the Äerdschëff, the energy and citizen-led transition for a resilient and regenerative future is lived and showcased.