Our Mission

The Äerdschëff is a pioneering educational space for learning, researching and teaching circular economy. 

This Luxembourgish adaptation of the Äerdschëff is a ground-breaking pilot project that gives new impulses in terms of circular design. Not only have we recovered building materials that are thrown out daily on other construction sites, but we have been implementing components that follow the logic of circular economy and permaculture (ecological and social design inspired by nature). This means that all systems and components of the Äerdschëff are considered in a systemic way, including not just the materials and technical aspects, but also the social aspects. The Äerdschëff is built on state-owned land, next to Atert Lycée Redange (ALR), a secondary school with a strong anchor in the Western region of Luxembourg, and that is offering, alongside more traditional secondary diploma pathways, renewable energy vocational training to youngsters. 

Thanks to generous funding from LEADER, the Ministry for the Environment, Climate and Sustainable Development (MECDD) Kyoto Fund and the Oeuvre Nationale de Secours Grande- Duchesse Charlotte , CELL has been able to steer this ambitious pilot project through the rough waters of getting building permits, and narrow straits of expanding what is possible in the legislative world. CELL has been able to count on the support of a growing Äerdschëff community base that has lent a hand in gathering the materials and navigating the pilot group as well as participating with excitement and joy in the building phase.