Our Dream


We would like to design, self-build and run an Äerdschëff in Luxembourg

What is an “Äerdschëff” ?

Äerdschëff is the translation of “Earthship” in Luxembourgish. In the 1970s, Mike Reynolds (an American architect) dreamt up this concept in Taos in the desert of New Mexico, USA.  We are inspired by this concept for our Äerdschëff. The building is off-grid, it produces and manages its own resources in order to fulfill human needs in a resilient and regenerative way. We are striving to be self-sufficient in water (through storage and filtering systems), in electricity (through photovoltaic and solar thermal systems), in heating and cooling the building (passive solar and ventilation systems), and as well as in food production.

We are not going to just imitate the earthship concept. We would like to adapt it to the European context in order to meet the requirements the cold climatic conditions (humidity, low sun exposure, long winter) of the Luxembourg context call for. It is crucial for us to make the Äerdschëff a showcase of efficiency and circular economy. We are creating an evolved earthship based on permaculture ethics – an ecological and social design directly inspired from natural systems – where each material is considered as a crucial part of the whole system.

In this way, each material used is considered for its embodied energy as well as its practical use on the construction site for the context of our volunteer-run self-build. We are also taking into account its future use and maintenance after the construction.

In our dream to re-enchant the world, what better than an open space to realise this desire? 

The Äerdschëff, the first public earthship-inspired building in the world, is a hub for social diversity and a showcase for a cultural transition to a low-impact world. We will create a space of sharing that awaken the desire of education in each one of our visitors, regardless of their age, their backgrounds and their place of origin. It is in this spirit that we are putting into practice notions of solidarity, respect, dignity and mobilisation. The mission of Äerdschëff is to create relationships between people and create community.

Through this space open to all, we want to create social relationships within families, villages and the region. Designed for children and adults of all ages and mobilities, the Äerdschëff is an educational centre focused on ecology, self-expression and diversity. The Äerdschëff creates many open spaces for each citizen to share knowledge and experience: café-restaurant, cooperative games, creative weeks, workshops, courses and seminars, concerts, screenings, … This is a place destined to document, educate and research as well as to stimulate curiosity and creativity in order to develop and be able to share one’s own skills and knowledge. In and around the Äerdschëff, the energy and citizen-led transition for a resilient and regenerative future is lived and showcased.

Our Äerdschëff will be a healthy and comfortable, self-sufficient space and a pioneering centre for the Redange region for human learning and flourishing in an environmentally respectful way.

Supported by the Luxembourg National Research Fund (FNR)