MYCELIUM WORKSHOP – 23rd September 2018

Did you know that fungal mycelium (i.e. mushrooms’ vegetative network)
can be employed as a versatile building material?

CELL Äerdschëff Project is organising a workshop around Mycelium as biomaterial,
in direct collaboration with MOGU (IT) and with Fab Lab Differdange (LU).

The practical all-day workshop, led by Maurizio Montalti (MOGU),
will be held on Sunday, 23 September (10:00 – 18:00) at the Fab Lab Differdange.

After a short theoretical introduction on Mycelium-related processes and applications
(e.g. insulation, tiles, leather, etc.), participants will engage in hands-on learning activities,
with the objective of creating a variety of prototypes by means of mycelium growth.

Date: 23 September 2018
Location: Fab Lab Differdange (115 Rue Emile Mark)
Language: EN
Participation Fee: 100€ (20 participants max)
Please register at

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