Teacher training: Implementing interdisciplinary projects

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Nowadays there is a lot of talk about interdisciplinarity, but what is actually happening in schools? How can we deal with the great challenges of our time (e.g. environmental and social problems) in the school context by doing justice to the complexity of the subject matter and going beyond the boundaries of the individual school subjects? What practical and content-related adjustments can we make to make our teaching efficient and truly interdisciplinary?


– know the concept and effectiveness of problem based learning
– know different approaches to interdisciplinarity
– acquire ideas for the implementation of interdisciplinary projects in different school subjects
– understand the necessary framework for the successful implementation of such projects.

– can exchange ideas about their practices
– can design teaching sequences together
– can reflect on and decide on the possibilities of interdisciplinary work in each subject

– actively exchange ideas and are exposed to different perspectives
– develop understanding and compassion for other ways of thinking and perspectives.

The Äerdschëff is a building and learning centre for sustainability and regeneration. It is an ecological building which is an example of circular economy in Luxembourg. We use the building, where the training takes place, as a starting point for the reflections on interdisciplinarity.
After a short presentation, the participants have the opportunity to exchange ideas, work together on teaching sequences and consider what possibilities there are in individual subjects to implement interdisciplinarity in practice.

Forms of work
Individual work
Group work
Reflection in plenary

Dr Katy Fox

Format and dates
2 afternoons (6 hours) in the Äerdschëff
Thu 21.04/ Thu 28.04.2022 – 14:00-17:00

Enrolments are open!

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