Teacher training: Donut Economics: Living comfortably in the Donut?

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What does a donut have to do with economics? How can we meet the needs of all and stay within the limits of our planet?

– know the concept and development of donut economics
– have notions of environmental/ecological economics
– understand the links between the Äerdschëff and doughnut economics
– get ideas for the implementation of the notion of doughnut economics in their daily school life

– can work with the process of Donut Economics
– can work together to develop a concrete doughnut design project

– work efficiently and goal-oriented in groups
– actively exchange ideas and take on different perspectives
– develop understanding and compassion for other ways of thinking and perspectives

Donut Economics ensures that no one is left behind and that their essential needs (from food to (affordable) housing and health care to political participation) are met without us as a collective going beyond the limits of the planet’s life support systems (among others: stable climate, fertile soils and a protective ozone layer).
Donut Economics is a new economic model that gives us a holistic approach to help us address these challenges. We apply the model to Luxembourg and try to shape Luxembourg in the donut.

Forms of work
Individual work
Partner work
Group work
Reflection in plenary

Dr Katy Fox

Format and dates
2 afternoons in the Äerdschëff (6 hours)
Tue 19.04./ Tue 26.04.2022

Enrolments are open!

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