Teacher training: Circular economy for beginners

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Circular economy is based on designing waste and pollution out of the system, keeping products and material in use and regenerating natural systems.


  • know the concept of the circular economy and its history
  • understand the links between the Äerdschëff and the circular economy.
  • know different principles of circular design and gamification
  • get ideas on how to implement the notions of circular economy in their daily (school) life


  • can share their practices
  • can work together on a circular design


  • actively exchange ideas and take different perspectives
  • develop understanding and compassion for other ways of thinking and perspectives

Focusing on the resources that have been used in the Äerdschëff, we discover together what circular economy (économie circulaire) is and which resources are under particular pressure to move to a more sustainable and circular use. We analyse the current status of the circular economy in Luxembourg, examine different building materials for their ecological impact and offer a guided design activity where students can design a circular economy product themselves.

Forms of work

Individual work
Partner work
Group work
Reflection in plenary

Dr Katy Fox

Format and Dates
2 afternoons at the Äerdschëff (6 hours)
Tu 22.02./Tu 01.03.2022 – 14:00-17:00

Enrolments are open!

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