Äerdschëff : A Joyful Third Space

The Äerdschëff is an off-grid building that manages its own resources to meet human needs in a resilient and sustainable way: autonomy in water, sanitation, heating, electricity and even food. The Äerdschëff is currently being built; construction is expected to be complete by winter 2021. Inspiring youngsters and adults towards taking meaningful action towards sustainability and circular economy requires an inspirational space, where they are allowed to be creative and play.

The vision of the Äerdschëff is to be a multilevel community and educational ‘third space’, and we have been involving many different institutions across sectors to build community and to work towards a regional coalition of partners that can navigate ARCS and beyond.

The concept of a ‘third space’ is a space beyond ‘home’ and ‘work’ (both of which are conflated during Corona-times), that serves as the symbolic heart of a neighbourhood/region because it is a multi-use, multi-user facility designed through holistic thinking. One aspect of the joy of this kind of space is that you may go for one reason, and end up staying longer to explore other areas of the hub to see, learn interesting, unexpected things and develop an interest to get involved or participate again.

We are currently developing the first projects (of many more, inch’allah) for the completed Äerdschëff Third Space:

Funded by a Promoting Science to the Public-Flagship Programme by the Fonds National de la Recherche, the objective of ARCS (Äerdschëff Regenerative and Circular Science, 2020-2023) is to inspire youngsters towards taking meaningful action towards sustainability and circular economy in an inspirational space, where they are allowed to be creative and play. We are developing, testing and running an immersive, transdisciplinary, hands-on, science-based, modular educational programme around the theme of resources and circular design. Our inquiry-based method presents learners with a circular design challenge that needs to be solved collaboratively. To build capacity, we are also developing a Training of Trainers to involve teachers, trainers and educators from the formal and informal sector, in order for them to be empowered to effect more in-depth systemic change at their schools/organisations along with their pupils. Our educational programmes are also fed by the data that we collect from sensors in the Äerdschëff throughout the project (temperature at various areas of the building, energy use, water use, etc.). For this project, we also hope to involve researchers and school classes to gather and analyse more knowledge about the Äerdschëff’s performance as a sustainable building.

We are also part of an Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership (2020-2023) where we are part of a growing network of transformative learning and action centres around Europe. Within the project, we will develop a quality assurance system of our trainings that use locally-rooted methodologies for maximising the effectiveness of place-based learning and community engagement using tools and good practice that deliver significant shifts to low carbon sustainable living. We will also create a hybrid virtual and physical networked adult learning system for environmental and climate solutions with foundations in place-based ‘learning-for-action’. Through various events, we will facilitate, inspire and accelerate adult learning that brings about change that significantly addresses sustainability and climate issues of our time.

We are currently seeking funding for a further complementary project with a focus on ‘low-tech’ solutions to sustainability issues. For us, low tech is useful, accessible and sustainable tech. We would like to develop a programme for collaboration skills, as we believe that the issues of our time require stronger collaborative skills to solve complex issues.

Our Äerdschëff Third Space is also an amplifier and showcase for other projects and initiatives emanating from the CELL ecosystem, and for regional initiatives unrelated to the Transition movement, but sharing its spirit of joyful transformation.

We will be organising tours when the weather is nicer and Corona less virulent and we are looking forward to your visit! 

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Analysis of Secondary Schools Survey

EN – In this post we asked for the participation of management and secondary school teachers to allow us to develop an educational offer corresponding to the schools needs. You can read the analysis on this feedback here (in French). Thank you for your participation!

FR – Dans cette publication, nous avions demandé la coopération des directions et enseignants des écoles secondaires du pays afin que nous puissions adapter notre offre pédagogique aux besoins des lycées. Vous pouvez lire notre analyse des retours ici. Merci pour votre participation!

LU – An dësem Post hu mir Membere vun den Direktiounen a Enseignant’en vun de Lycéeë no Feedback gefrot, fir dass mir eis pädagogesch Offer kenne de Besoine vun de Schoulen upassen. Dir kënnt d’Resultater vun dëser Ëmfro elo hei noliesen (op Franséisch). Villmools Merci fir Är Mataarbecht!

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Calling secondary school teachers: we need your input!

LU – Version française en bas – English version below

Den Äerdschëff Projet ass en öffentlecht Gebai an ee Projet rondrëm Economie circulaire a Regeneratioun zu Réiden/Atert. D’Gebai ass eng lëtzebuergesch Adaptatioun vun den Earthships. Et handelt sech ëm en innovative Pilotprojet deen nei Impulser a punkto Kreeslafwirtschaft an zirkulärem Design gëtt. CELL – Centre for Ecological Learning Luxembourg asbl ass de Bedreiwer vum Äerdschëff an d’Gebai soll Mëtt 2021 betriebsbereet sinn.

Säit Mëtt 2020 éntwéckelt CELL, mat Hëllef vun engem PSP-Flagship Finanzement vum Fonds national de la Recherche, Bildungsprogrammer fir d’Äerdschëff ab 2021 mat Liewen ze fëllen.  ARCS – Äerdschëff Regenerative and Circular Science. De PSP-Flagship Programm (2020-2023) wäert den Echange tëscht der Wëssenschaft an der Gesellschaft stäerken a laangfristeg wëssenschaftlech Bildungsaktivitéiten opbauen. D’Zilpublikum fir de PSP-Flagship ARCS si Lycéesschüler vu 15 Joer un. Et sinn och flott Fortbildungen fir Enseignant(e)n am Hierscht 2021 geplangt, net just fir STEM Enseignant(e)n, mee fir Enseignant(e)n vun alle Fächer.

Dofir mecht d’Äerdschëff Team eng Ëmfro vum lëtzebuergeschen nationale Bildungssystem fir hir Offer méiglechst genee un d’Besoine vun den Enseignanten a Schoulen unzepassen. Klick weg op Direktioun/Enseignant a fëll den Questionnaire an der Sprooch vun Dengem Choix aus.

Link fir Memberen vun der Direktioun.
Link fir Enseignanten.

Deen ganze Bréif fannt Dir hei. Fir méi Informatiounen kënnt Dir hei en Dossier eroflueden. Dëss Dokumenter sinn op Franséich.

Merci am Viraus,

Äerdschëff Team

ENVersion française en bas

The Äerdschëff Project is a public building and a project on circular economy and regeneration in Redange-Attert. The building is a Luxembourgish adaptation of the Earthships. It is an innovative pilot project that gives new impetus to circular economy and circular design. CELL – Center for Ecological Learning Luxembourg asbl is the operator of the Äerdschëff and construction of the building should be complete by mid-2021.

Since mid-2020, CELL has been developing, with the support of a PSP-Flagship grant from the Fonds national de la Recherche, educational programmes to fill the Äerdschëff with life from 2021 onwards. The PSP flagship program ARCS – Äerdschëff Regenerative and Circular Science (2020-2023) will strengthen the exchange between science and society and build long-term science education activities. The target audience for the PSP flagship ARCS is high school students from 15 years on. There are also great training courses for teachers in the fall of 2021, not just for STEM teachers, but for all subjects.

For this reason, the Äerdschëff Team is conducting a survey of the Luxembourg national education system in order to adapt its offer as precisely as possible to the needs of teachers and schools. Choose whether you are a teacher or part of school management and click on the language of your choice to fill in the survey.

Link for school management.
Link for teachers.

The full letter can be dowloaded here. For more information, please download this document. Both of those documents are in French.

Many thanks,

Äerdschëff Team. 


Le projet Äerdschëff est un bâtiment public et un projet d’économie circulaire et de régénération à Redange-Attert. Le bâtiment est une adaptation luxembourgeoise des Earthships. Il s’agit d’un projet pilote innovant qui donne un nouvel élan à l’économie circulaire et à la conception circulaire. CELL – Centre for Ecological Learning Luxembourg asbl est l’exploitant de l’Äerdschëff et la construction du bâtiment devrait être achevée d’ici mi-2021.

Depuis mi-2020, CELL développe, avec le soutien d’une bourse PSP-Flagship du Fonds national de la Recherche, des programmes éducatifs pour donner vie à l’Äerdschëff à partir de 2021. Le programme phare PSP ARCS – Äerdschëff Regenerative and Circular Science (2020-2023) renforcera les échanges entre la science et la société et développera des activités d’enseignement scientifique à long terme. Le public cible de l’ARCS phare de la PSP est constitué des lycéens à partir de 15 ans. Il existe également d’intéressants cours de formation pour les enseignants à l’automne 2021, non seulement les sciences naturelles, mais pour toutes les matières.

Pour cette raison, l’équipe Äerdschëff mène une enquête sur le système éducatif national luxembourgeois afin d’adapter le plus précisément possible son offre aux besoins des enseignants et des écoles. Merci de choisir si vous êtes membre de la direction ou enseignant et remplissez le questionnaire dans la langue de votre choix.

Lien pour membres de la direction.
Lien pour enseignant_e_s.

La lettre complète peut être téléchargée ici. Vous pouvez télécharger le dossier complèt avec plus d’informations ici.

Merci beaucoup,

Votre équipe Äerdschëff.

Projet financé par:

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 Hands on work experience.

Learning by doing: How to build a Dry Stone Wall


Äerdschëff is organizing a three day workshop on how to build a dry stone wall. The local expert Änder Erpelding will be on site to answer all of your questions. Add “building a dry stone wall” to your skills.

⏰ When???
– Friday/ Saturday 09:00-17:00 Sunday 10:00-17:00

– 1, Rue du Lycée, Redange Luxembourg

👉What to bring with you: working clothes, proper working shoes, lunch box (drinking water is provided on site), your smile and lots of energy 💪.

📩Due to Covid 19 we’re only allowed to have a limited number of participants on site so get in touch with us as soon as possible and confirm your participation by e-mail aerdscheff@cell.lu or write us on our facebook page.

Go to “Contact us” to see more details on how to find the building side 

©️ Photo credit goes to one of our volunteers @Michelle Kleyr. Thank you for the time you spent with us  🥰

Please let us know if you have any questions! (aerdschell@cell.lu)

Thank you for supporting us!


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Recruiting for a long-term paid volunteering opportunity in Eco-construction

Would you like to embark on the journey of a lifetime for a year-long paid European Solidarity Corps experience (formerly European Volunteer Service, EVS) on an Earthship-inspired project in Luxembourg? Are you curious about eco-construction, volunteer engagement, the Transition movement and working in an intercultural environment? Are you between 18 and 30 and a resident of the EU?

We have an opportunity for you to step into the Äerdschëff team, starting beginning of September 2020 for 8 months. If you are interested in being part of a great project under the conditions of the ESC European Solidarity Corps programme, write to us at aerdscheff@cell.lu with your CV and motivation letter until 31 of July 2020. Looking forward to your application!

CELL is currently working on the design and implementation of an ecological and participatory building project that is supported by public authorities and a philanthropic foundation. We are currently building an earthship, so this is an exciting phase to join for. Through this project, CELL combines responses to current societal challenges in terms of energy transition and training in eco-construction. The project that we’re developing is a self-sufficient building, based on the principles of the ‘Earthship’, i.e. autonomy in terms of water supply, electricity supply, wastewater treatment and thermoregulation. The project also has a strong food component. The materials are as far as possible natural or reclaimed/recycled. For more information about the project, see our webpage or visit the Äerdschëff facebook page.

The local community where the project is being realised: The immediate environment is the Canton Redange, a cozy and progressive region on the border to Belgium, 45 minutes away from Luxembourg-City. There are many potential points of cooperation also with the surrounding municipalities.

CELL is organised in a network-like way, so that we have action-groups in different parts of Luxembourg, some in rural, some in urban places. The volunteer can participate in various local transition initiatives and support them.

Luxembourg is an intercultural, wealthy country with an enormous ecological footprint, so it is an interesting place for a non-profit such as CELL to operate in promoting sustainability. It is also a very small country where you will find that contacts and people allow you to open doors and push forward great projects.

We are looking for a person interested in eco-construction, ecology and self-sufficiency. It is very important that the person is self-motivated and capable of working independently, but he/she will be accompanied by a team of technical and general support.

What we can offer to ESC-volunteers in terms of service and learning opportunities during 2020-2021:

– taking an active part in the project “Äerdschëff” in the Redange/Atert region

– acquiring permaculture skills and aspiring to food autonomy

– involvement in an intercultural team of part-time volunteers who are running CELL

– self-management and communication skills

– group process skills

– participation in trainings and events organised by CELL

– realising your own heart project in the context of the Äerdschëff

– living in a vibrant social environment with lots of ecological initiatives and a great cultural wealth

The role of ESC volunteers:

ESC volunteers will participate in daily CELL and transition activities, as necessary. They will actively participate in the running of permaculture sites and they will be asked to pursue their own heart projects developed jointly with CELL.

Possible activities in which the volunteers will be involved and activities the volunteers could create in our organisation:

– Eco-Construction: Participating in the realisation of the Earthship, involving various tasks from organising and gathering materials, coordinating volunteers and logistics, being in contact with collaborating organisations, to hands-on work on the construction site, …

– Gardening: planting, weeding, cleaning, mowing, mulching, seeding, composting, pruning, harvesting, tending, etc. in a vibrant community environment…

– Household management: cooking and kitchen duties, looking after the participants of courses, tending the CELL rooms

– Organisation: assisting in organising and running CELL events, courses and activities, running meetings and steering group processes

– Participation and representation: representing CELL at network meetings, festivals, demonstrations, conferences, fairs, gatherings and other public events

– Administration: updating blog, website, email lists, social media, membership correspondence, documentation, …

The profiles of volunteers we would like to host:

– Experience in Permaculture, Transition and / or self-sufficiency.

– Being at least familiar with self-build situations (chantiers participatifs).

– Being at least familiar with eco-social organisations and ways of proceeding.

– Being passionate about agroecology and low-impact living.

– A good level of French is a bonus in Luxembourg, especially when dealing with local authorities such as in the ‘earthship’ construction project.

– Own way of transport (ex. car), or a driver’s licence is a bonus when working in the countryside in Luxembourg since public transport is limited.

To apply, you must fulfill the ESC criteria, i.e. be between 18 and 30 years old and be a resident of a EU country or one of the ESC Partner Countries (you can find a list here). Please note that we are only recruiting volunteers for 8 months.

Recruitment process:

We will recruit the volunteers on the basis of their motivation letter and the CVs and an interview before the CELL executive board makes a decision.

We would like to extensively interview a selection of high potential candidates before we recruit them, keeping in mind that we are an organisation run by volunteers themselves, and that therefore we cannot realistically contact all candidates.

We would like to ensure the best possible match between CELL and the volunteer, in order for the volunteering time spent with us to be mutually beneficial, inspiring and positive. Please send in your CV as well as a personal motivation letter until 31 of July 2020 to aerdscheff@cell.lu. We are not ready to host volunteers under 18!

Volunteer Payment:

Participants of the European Solidarity Corps get their accommodation and public transport within the country paid and receive a monthly compensation of circa 470€. At CELL, they can participate in training and seminars for free.


The volunteer will live in a house-share with other European Volunteers. The accommodation will be in a rural area, but with good public transport connections to the city.

Please familiarise yourself with the process of European Solidarity Corps and let us know in your letter whether you have already looked for a sending organisation:

Our PIC 935599921

Looking forward to your application!

The Äerdschëff-team

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To Mattias and Sophia

Dear Mattias and Sophia,

It has been already seven months since we posted our announcement for recruiting two long-term volunteers for the Äerdschëff project. While posting the article a lot of different emotions rushed through our bodies. They were feelings of sadness and happiness, of fulfillment and excitement.

The announcement was telling us that time was flying. Soon we had to tell goodbye to Mattias and Sophia.

A lot has been done during this time, but we want to dedicate this article to our beloved European volunteers for the time August 2018-2019 and to our newcomers Saul and Ledina.

We remember how happy they were when they joined us and we felt so lucky to welcome them in the team.

From the beginning, they expressed their strong desire to learn new things related to the project; reflecting patience in the learning process in every stage of this journey among/with us. Having them on the team made a huge difference. Mattias and Sophia were so great to work with. They were so flexible and always being willing to lend a hand. Their positive energy, the innovative ideas they initiated and their understanding of the world, are some of the key elements in our relationship. On top of that, they were really good at cheering up everybody and bringing moments of laughter and joy.  They always found a way to get things done, and done them well. Even when the going gets tough, they continued to have the best attitude and came up with fantastic ideas. We really enjoyed working with them.

“Working with you has been such a pleasure from day 1 till the very last moment. Through this article we want to thank you for the amazing work you have done.

Keep up the great work!

You’re awesome!”

And then history repeated itself; this time, instead of having Mattias and Sophia on the Ä-team, we welcomed Saul and Ledina who arrived during our first ‘chantier participatif’ this summer, August 2019.

 “Welcome in the team and enjoy this journey.”

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“1er Principe du Earthship”, article de Dimitri Dousse, publié dans l’ö du Novembre 2018

Lire ici!

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MYCELIUM WORKSHOP – 23rd September 2018

Did you know that fungal mycelium (i.e. mushrooms’ vegetative network)
can be employed as a versatile building material?

CELL Äerdschëff Project is organising a workshop around Mycelium as biomaterial,
in direct collaboration with MOGU (IT) and with Fab Lab Differdange (LU).

The practical all-day workshop, led by Maurizio Montalti (MOGU),
will be held on Sunday, 23 September (10:00 – 18:00) at the Fab Lab Differdange.

After a short theoretical introduction on Mycelium-related processes and applications
(e.g. insulation, tiles, leather, etc.), participants will engage in hands-on learning activities,
with the objective of creating a variety of prototypes by means of mycelium growth.

Date: 23 September 2018
Location: Fab Lab Differdange (115 Rue Emile Mark)
Language: EN
Participation Fee: 100€ (20 participants max)
Please register at aerdscheff@cell.lu

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