Presenting our Steering Group – Marcel Barros


Meet Marcel Barros, who is involved in the Äerdschëff project as a technical advisor. Marcel has a lot of experience in doing things himself and fixing up systems.


Voici Marcel Barros, qui nous conseille en matière technique sur le projet Äerdschëff. Marcel a beaucoup d’expérience dans le bricolage et dans la mise en oeuvre de systèmes.

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Wat ass een Äerdschëff?

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Äerdschëff vs. Earthship – Six Fundamental Differences

One might wonder why this project is called Äerdschëff, the Luxembourgish form of the word earthship. Without a doubt, the Äerdschëff is directly inspired by Michael Reynolds’s brainchild. Working in New Mexico since the early 1970s, Reynolds’s ambition has been to help humankind out of the ecological devastation that was, and still is, underway. The earthship was designed to be fully self-sufficient: an off-grid home that provides for both energy and food for its inhabitants. Equipped with solar panels, rainwater harvesting, a convection ventilation system and a plumbing design that recirculates grey water in planters and treats sewage on site, Biotecture, Reynolds’s company, claims the earthship’s Global Model works in any climate and terrain. Furthermore, it is built using waste materials such as cans, glass bottles and tires, thus reducing the burden on landfills. View full post…

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Äerdschëff Description de projet Déc 2016

[flipbook pdf=”Äerdschëff-–-Description-de-projet_déc2016.pdf”]

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