Ever wondered how they stored food before electricity?

with Architect/Earth cellar expert Tina Wintersteiger (A)

Tina Wintersteiger is an architect and gardener in community gardens. For the book “Basiswissen Selbstversorgung aus Biogärten – Individuelle und gemeinschaftliche Wege und Möglichkeiten” by Andrea Heistinger she carried out building surveys and interviews and gathered knowledge about practices and (construction) techniques around the topic of fresh storage in earth cellars and external storage. Her office “Bauteiler” in Vienna (with Ing. Peter Kneidinger) offers among other things planning services for the construction of earth cellars and other naturally air-conditioned buildings.

Lecture about earth cellars at 19h at the Millen in Beckerich.
The lecture will be held in german (we are working on a translation into French).

Practical workshop and visit of an existing earth cellar in the afternoon.

In the planning workshop Tina Wintersteiger would like to respond to the questions and ideas of the different participants.

In small groups everyone will reflect on their own starting point. In a next step we will compile the results and collect topics. Subsequently we work solution-oriented on the topics and specific questions.

The aim of the approximately 4-hour-long practical workshop is that each and every participant can go home with a more concrete idea about their personal earth cellar, like how much storage space is actually being needed, which type of building fits in their context or how big their construction should be.

Apply soon —> limited spaces
Registration open until the 21st September,
please subscribe at: aerdscheff@cell.lu

– 75 € Friday+Saturday
– 10 € only Friday

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Redesign the Steering Group 2018

Dear Groupe de Pilotage,

2017 is coming to an end. With the new year and the construction of our Äerdschëff approaching, we would like to propose a redesign of the GP meetings and involve you to a greater extent.

The GP meetings will be held once per month, every second Tuesday of the month. Here are the dates for your diaries. All meetings will be held at CELL, unless otherwise advised:






Until now, the GP meetings have been very colourful talking groups where we could exchange and discuss ideas. In 2018, we want them to be more practical and based on four different working groups, each one with a specific set of tasks. The working groups are


2-COMMUNICATION (led by Agata)

3-FUNDING (led by Katy)

4-MATERIALS (led by Gaia)


This working group will be led by Loïc with the help of the Äerdscheff team and will mainly focus on the organization and coordination of the volunteers that will come to help us building. The main problems to solve are:

  • Volunteer camp design (space, chores rota, accommodation, daily schedule, phases of building)

  • Registration design (how to get people to sign up smoothly and with commitment – here there is an overlap with Communication WG)

Here the trello board previously created by Rodrigo, Nuno and Leo.

If you enjoy and have some experience organising groups, workshops, if you have some good contacts here in the region and you want to help us, join this group and coordinate with Loic and the Ä team!


This working group will be led by Agata with the help of the whole Ä team and will mainly focus on reaching out to the volunteers and communicating with them. The main tasks will be finding the contacts of the different earthship groups around EU and world and involve them in our project.
If you enjoy and have some experience in communication and advertising and you want to help us, join this group and coordinate with Agata and the Ä team to advertise our project!


This group will be led by Katy with the help of the whole Ä team. The focus of this group will be securing funding and sponsorship, with emphasis on the post-construction time.

If you enjoy and you have some experience in writing funding bids (in French and English), or like communicating with a diversity of people, and you want to help us, join this group and coordinate with Katy and the Ä team.


This is the most practical group and will be led by Gaia with the help of the whole Ä team. The group will perform various tasks around preparing the building phase:

  • Getting and sorting materials

  • Cleaning and making bottle bricks

If you enjoy and have some experience with power tools and you want to do practical things, join this group and coordinate with Gaia and the rest of the Ä team.

Here you can find a google spreadsheet where you can subscribe to you r favourite group, you can also join more than one!

The Äerdschëff team would like to thank you for the interest shown during 2017 and your help during this long process.

We hope that you will support our project even more in the upcoming year!

We would like to wish you an amazing Christmas time and a great start of 2018!

Your Äerdschëff Team

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Argentina is building a sustainable primary school

Argentina is building a sustainable primary school

Children will be taught to live greener lives. Learn more: http://wef.ch/2DSCTEh

Posted by World Economic Forum on Donnerstag, 1. Februar 2018

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Tiny office construction!

Hello everyone,

we want to share with you some important moments of the construction of the Tiny Office.
We want to thanks all the volunteers that came also for few hours. For the Äerdschëff team it was very useful to get more confidence with he tools and understand some basics techniques besides a lot of fun.
Here you can enjoy some videos.

After first few days


Then after around 10 days


And at the end of the construction…


Enjoy the view!


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CELL Code of Ethics

CELL Code of Ethics

Work as part of team and respect other members of staff and volunteers. Respect the human rights of others. Respect nature.

We use positive reinforcement rather than criticism, competition or comparison. No discourtesy, rudeness and abusive language towards a staff member, volunteer or visitor, no actual or threatened violence toward or harassment of an individual or group. We don’t litter our waste around CELL’s property or the surroundings.

Carry out your tasks with regard to the health and safety of others.

We will not tolerate conduct endangering the life, safety, health or wellbeing of others. This means that you should not use of be under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs during CELL volunteering. Also don’t bring onto our property dangerous or unauthorized materials such as explosives, firearms, weapons or other similar items.

Accept and follow directions from the staff members and seek guidance through clarification where you may be uncertain of tasks or requirements.

By participating in CELL’s volunteer programme you tacitly agree to abide by the rules described above and declare to hold appropriate and valid qualifications and insurance cover.

Please find a PDF version of our Code of Ethics here.


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