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What is it about?

The workshops at Äerdschëff were funded by the National Research Fund, Luxembourg (PSP-Flagship). They are specifically about science communication, systemic thinking and action, and gamification. Our interdisciplinary workshops are participatory and interactive. Our aim is not only to teach young people about the issues surrounding climate change, but also to engage them in ways to develop competences and possible solutions to our destructive way of life.

We develop the following competencies in our participants:

  • Systems thinking and problem solving
  • Social and motivational competences
  • Interdisciplinary skills in sustainability and regeneration
  • Action competences

At the moment, our workshops are adapted to ESC/ESG students of certain classes from the Cycle Moyen and Supérieur, although we also offer a few workshops for a younger target audience. We are working on extending our pedagogical offer to the Cycle Inférieur and Fondamental.

There are different ways to get to know the Äerdschëff:

On the construction site: As a short introductory offer, we offer our cruise of 1.5 hours. In addition, we offer the opportunity to participate in our participatory construction site and lend a hand in building!

The longer workshops (4.5 or 6 hours) that will be offered at the Äerdschëff from september 2022 onwards can already be booked. In order to take advantage of this offer, a minimum of 10 students must participate, ideally we work with a whole class. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

Please use the reservation system below to book the activities. We have limited capacity.