Ever wondered how they stored food before electricity?

with Architect/Earth cellar expert Tina Wintersteiger (A)

Tina Wintersteiger is an architect and gardener in community gardens. For the book “Basiswissen Selbstversorgung aus Biogärten – Individuelle und gemeinschaftliche Wege und Möglichkeiten” by Andrea Heistinger she carried out building surveys and interviews and gathered knowledge about practices and (construction) techniques around the topic of fresh storage in earth cellars and external storage. Her office “Bauteiler” in Vienna (with Ing. Peter Kneidinger) offers among other things planning services for the construction of earth cellars and other naturally air-conditioned buildings.

Lecture about earth cellars at 19h at the Millen in Beckerich.
The lecture will be held in german (we are working on a translation into French).

Practical workshop and visit of an existing earth cellar in the afternoon.

In the planning workshop Tina Wintersteiger would like to respond to the questions and ideas of the different participants.

In small groups everyone will reflect on their own starting point. In a next step we will compile the results and collect topics. Subsequently we work solution-oriented on the topics and specific questions.

The aim of the approximately 4-hour-long practical workshop is that each and every participant can go home with a more concrete idea about their personal earth cellar, like how much storage space is actually being needed, which type of building fits in their context or how big their construction should be.

Apply soon —> limited spaces
Registration open until the 21st September,
please subscribe at: aerdscheff@cell.lu

– 75 € Friday+Saturday
– 10 € only Friday

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