CELL Code of Ethics

CELL Code of Ethics

Work as part of team and respect other members of staff and volunteers. Respect the human rights of others. Respect nature.

We use positive reinforcement rather than criticism, competition or comparison. No discourtesy, rudeness and abusive language towards a staff member, volunteer or visitor, no actual or threatened violence toward or harassment of an individual or group. We don’t litter our waste around CELL’s property or the surroundings.

Carry out your tasks with regard to the health and safety of others.

We will not tolerate conduct endangering the life, safety, health or wellbeing of others. This means that you should not use of be under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs during CELL volunteering. Also don’t bring onto our property dangerous or unauthorized materials such as explosives, firearms, weapons or other similar items.

Accept and follow directions from the staff members and seek guidance through clarification where you may be uncertain of tasks or requirements.

By participating in CELL’s volunteer programme you tacitly agree to abide by the rules described above and declare to hold appropriate and valid qualifications and insurance cover.

Please find a PDF version of our Code of Ethics here.


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