The Team

Katy Fox

Katy initiated and founded CELL – Centre for Ecological Learning Luxembourg – the Transition hub in Luxembourg. She coordinates the design of the project as well as the facilitation between the various partners. She is the contact person for the finance and business partners. She is also organising the logistic and the communication strategies.

Rodrigo Vergara

Rodrigo coordinates the technical aspects of the project. He also takes care of the administration and IT sides of the Äerdschëff project. He is working on the aquaponics system for the building where plants and fishes are mutually growing in a closed cycle.

Léo Groult

Léo is an european volunteer (May 2016-April 2017). He has a social economy and entrepreneurship background. He is in charge of the communication and the international partnerships on the Äerdschëff project. He is involved in the website development and in the design and organization of the participatory construction site.